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Welcome to WEL Victoria 

The Women's Electoral Lobby is a long-term feminist non-party political lobby group, established on  February 27, 1972. Click on the News & Events page to see photos of our 40th birthday party in 2012. Also News & Events page about the HER PLACE Women's Museum Expo held in Melbourne. 

   WEL & Gloria Steinem in Melb. 

WEL Victoria welcomes Gloria Steinem to the Melbourne Town Hall Forum in May 2016. (photo Readings).

Support WEL's Women and Children's Safety Program (WCSP) by lobbying your Federal politician to commit 2 cents a day to fund our program and keep women and their children safe. Click on www.wel.org.au/pledge_wel to pledge your support. See our Violence issue page and click on the purple arrow to find your local MP and send the email requesting programs for women's safety. Click COAG Summit_WEL media release here - just 2 cents a day will support this Safety Program.

Visit www.change.org/o/wel, click on "FUND WOMEN'S REFUGES" and sign Natasha's petition to the Prime Minister.
See our Issues/Paid Parental Leave page to read about proposed Government changes to the Paid Parental Leave Scheme and sign the petition by the Centre for Leadership for Women at: www.leadershipforwomen.com.au/transform/activism/paid-parental-leave-ppl/stop-changes-to-paid-parental-leave-petition

What have our politicians promised?

Liberal National Campaign Launch: NIL funding for women's refuges and frontline services. Email PM via campaign@liberal.org.au and Senator Cash via senator.cash@aph.gov.au. Also go to our Issues/Violence page and send WEL's emails to any politician you choose by entering your postcode.

Labor: New Safe Housing for Women programs to increase number of refuges for support services that help women to stay safe in their own homes, as well as support for specialist women's services.

Greens:  10 year $5 billion National Partnership Agreement on Domestic Violence Against Women to fund such services as crime phone services, women's shelters, training for service providers and counselling. 


   * better access to quality affordable child care

* increase funding for education and pre-school
* government funded paid parental leave for all 
* family friendly, flexible workplaces and secure work
* better welfare system for women in poverty
	* more access and funding for reproductive health
* more women on decision-making boards
* stop male violence against women
* NEVER charge GST on food or health services

Click on Issues on the top bar and check out the important issues for all women:
Education and training including early childhood education, child care,
  income and superannuation, domestic violence, health care and aged care.
How to lobby? Tell your local politician what matters to you:

To join our ongoing campaigns CLICK on Issues THEN Child Care,  Industrial Relations or Violence. At the bottom of each page click on the purple arrow "Send an email to your Member of Parliament" - there you can automatically send an email to your local State or Federal member. WEL Victoria has drafted email messages you may wish to send on Child Care, Industrial Relations or Violence. You may of course send your own messages - see the list of politicians' email addresses under "Links". 

For more information click on About WEL and find out  How to Lobby

 Find the latest happenings about these and other women's issues in these pages:

  News & Events along with Book Reviews and Discussion Forum where we will post your ideas.





WEL believes that fair policies are those that:

1. Ensure the costs and benefits are fairly distributed between women and men as well as between different groups of women;

2. Value and reward fairly people's different skills, experiences and contributions;

3. Recognise the value of caring and supporting roles, whether paid or unpaid;

4. Recognise and rectify past and current inequalities between men and women;

5. Enhance opportunities for both women and men to take on equal rights and responsibilities in all aspects of society: politics, community, employment and social life.

Where appropriate, does the current policy conform with UN Human Rights obligations?

WEL Australia has developed this policy framework which we all endorse.

OUR ONGOING CAMPAIGNS including new alerts on discrimination, violence and sexism.

* Women have had enough of make violence in the home and in the streets. Lobby your politicians advocating an end to violence against women and children. Men must not turn the other way when they see violence, otherwise they are colluding in criminal behaviour.

* The Abbott Paid Parental Leave Scheme which was unfair has finally been dumped by the Turnbull Government. However the Turnbull Government is sticking to Abbott's policies on education. WEL Victoria will lobby against the huge cost of the predicted University education fees. WEL Victoria also urges the Turnbull government to fully fund the Gonski reforms to ensure the education of all Australians is as good as possible. Australia's future depends on a well educated population.

* Please join our important campaign to stop the Victorian government from introducing amendments to the Discrimination laws that would allow religious organisations and schools to deny anyone a job on the basis of their gender, sexual orientation, religion, marital status, parental status or gender identity. Join the campaign in our Issues/Discrimination page.

* WEL Victoria has been campaigning for the decriminalisation of abortion - the Abortion Bill has now been passed in both Houses of Parliament - abortions up to 24 weeks gestation are now legal, and after that, may be allowed with the consent of two doctors .... 10 October 2008. Even though abortion is now legal in Victoria we must remain eternally vigilant about these gains. In NSW, a bill has been tabled to bestow "personhood" on a foetus before it is born - see WEL NSW website for full details.

The National Foundation for Australian Women (NFAW), produced an analysis of women's issues by Marie Coleman on their website. Click on www.nfaw.org/category/news-feed for information.  Informing Women's Votes" and select from issues such as Paid Parental Leave, Superannuation, Workforce, Child Care, Violence, Education and Aged Care. These issues are still of major importance to women.

Marie Coleman also commented on the 2014 Federal Budget, in the SMH on May 2014, pointing out that higher levels of cost-sharing for university and other studies may adversely affect education participation, also that budget savings are mostly at the expense of better career and training opportunities for child care workers - some of the lowest paid female workers in the nation.


 Our recent lobbying:

  • fair treatment for women in low paid jobs who are trying to balance work and family responsibilities;

  • fair treatment of women affected by the changes to the Industrial Relations Laws - see our Issues / Industrial Relations page for the studies by Sue Hammond who appeared in May 2008 before the Australian Industrial Relations Commission on pay equity issues;

  •  Federal Productivity Commission for Paid Parental Leave;

  • support the Family Violence Bill of Victoria;

  • also use Change.org to create or support petitions on any of the issues outlined on this website.

We will also lobby for accessible, affordable quality child care, and to deal with violence against women wherever it occurs. See our Issues page on Violence to read Anne Gunter's excellent article supporting the Family Violence Bill and also WEL Australia's draft submission to the National Council on Violence.

LOBBYING GETS RESULTS:  The previous Sex Discrimination Commissioner of the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission, Elizabeth Broderick, conducted an extensive Listening Tour throughout Australia and announced a "roadmap towards gender equality" in July 2008. CLICK here to read the full HREOC Media Release with proposed outcomes for women, all in tune with WEL's long-time lobbying.

AND MORE LOBBYING - The Federal Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee has conducted an inquiry into the effectiveness of the Commonwealth Sex Discrimination Act 1984 in eliminating discrimination and promoting gender equality. CLICK here to read the submission from WEL Australia.

SUCCESSFUL LOBBYING: In July 2010, former Minister Tanya Plibersek announced that the total number of directors on Federal Government boards would comprise at least 40 percent women and 40 percent men. Individual boards may vary but the total must be 40 percent. We will be lobbying the Government to amend the Corporations Act to ensure that all public companies also have at least 40 percent female and 40 percent male directors. Click here to read the WEL submission calling for 40 percent women on boards. 

* The International Alliance of Women, to whom WEL Australia is affiliated, brought the International Board meeting to Melbourne from 7th to the 14th October 2012. The Women’s Electoral Lobby, the League of Women Voters of Victoria and the Union of Australian Women Victoria were the hostesses. See our News and Events page for the Proceedings of the Conference, the speech by Dr Clare Wright and some photos from the Conference.

 CLICK here for the excellent history of our political women by Dr Clare Wright, first published by Crikey.

* The ABC's Julia Baird of "The Drum" supports International Women's Day  in "Voice of Women - a Force for Change". Click here to read the full story of women's political history.

* And read about our recent interesting meeting with delegates from China - in Issues/International Issues.

WEL Victoria will post information and actions on this website so that web visitors can lobby to improve the situation for women in the areas of social, legal, political, economic, educational, environmental and sexual equality.

CLICK on http://www.wel.org.au/ for the Women's Electoral Lobby Australia website to see national policies and information about other WEL groups around the country.

WEL Australia statement covering key issues affecting women - click to read the full document. Opens in new window.

Click on WEL Australia social media sites:  facebook and twitter: Warning: opens in new window. 

Social media tools are a new driver of opinions (Blog, circa 1999, facebook , circa 2004, and twitter, circa 2006) . A clear definition is from Wikipedia 2010; "…social media is a blending of technology and social interaction for the co-creation of value…"

Send WEL Victoria an email on any matter important for women at info@welvic.org.au.

Thank you, your opinion and ideas count.

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